Founders’ Legacy

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Founders’ Legacy

The Huffer Foundation was established and funded in honor of James E. and Betty J. Huffer in 2013. The Huffers were longtime residents of Indianapolis, Indiana who spent their winters in sunny Boca Raton, Florida. Mr. Huffer was known for his pioneering spirit, business savvy, and charismatic personality. His wife Betty was not only his lifelong companion, but a visionary and staunch business partner.

In the late 1950s Mr. and Mrs. Huffer founded their first company, Local Beauty Supply, Inc., a distributor for beauty products which innovated a wholesale model that became a national standard in retail management. Following the success of Local Beauty Supply, the Huffers diversified their interests into the real estate market in the late Sixties. At the time, their first land venture located off Highway 31 was just wheat fields and a two-lane. Today it sits in the middle of the largest and busiest commercial development in Indiana. Their business acumen and visionary spirit afforded Mr. and Mrs. Huffer much financial success. It was their wish that their legacy live on through the work of the recipients of the Huffer Foundation’s Charitable Trust. The Huffer Foundation focuses on funding projects and programs which benefit communities through humanitarian work. In tandem with local level outreach and education programs, funding is also allotted to the arts, health sciences, and environmental protection organizations.

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